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Once you have joined the FACC Philadelphia, you are eligible to post a summary of your qualifications on our website on the Active Job Seekers - FACC Member Talent page. Please send an e-mail to with a general descriptive title for the position you are seeking and a 150-word or less summary of your qualifications. Remember to attach your resume as a .pdf to your email. We will post FACC Philadelphia Individual Member’s summaries on our Active Job Seekers web page each month. 

IMPORTANT:  Please advise when you would like your Active Job Seeker - FACC Member Talent posting removed from the website, otherwise, it will be removed when your membership expires.

The FACC is a membership-driven, member-supported, non-profit business association, established to serve the interests of our Members.

Our office is not open to the general public. An advance appointment is required to meet with a representative of the FACC.

We are not available to meet to provide career advice or answer questions that are already covered on this website.

For security reasons, visitors who arrive without an appointment, will not be received.



Explore These Useful Links for More Job Search Information:

The following list is given as a guide for your research and is not meant to be exhaustive.

Finding an Internship in the U.S. :


Association Nationale des Stages a l’Etranger (AIESTE)

101 Boulevard Raspail
75270 Paris – Cedex 06
Tel: 011- 331-45-22-50-75


CIVI (Centre d’Information du Volontariat International)
30-34 rue de la Perouse – 75116 Paris


Club Teli (Interns’ Association)
2 Chemin de Golemme – 74600 Seynod
Tel: 011-334-50-52-26-58
Fax: 011-334-50-52-10-16


French American Cultural Commission
(U.S. Internships and Summer Employment)
9, rue Chardin – 75016 Paris
Tel: 011-331-45 20 46 54


Services Info-Stages du CIDJ


O.M.I. – Delegation de Paris La Defense
60, Avenue du President Wilson – Cedex 07
92046 Paris La Defense
Tel: 011-331- 46 68 01 16


Espace Emploi International
(Service de l’ANPE et O.M.I.)
48, bd de la Bastille – 75012 Paris
Tel: 011-331-46-98-01-16


European-American Chamber in France
104, rue de Miromesnil – 75008 Paris
Tel: 011-331-53-89-11-00


La Maison des Francais de l’Etranger Division de l’Emploi
21 bis, rue de la Perouse – 75016 Paris
Tel: 011-331-40-66-76-42


The French Agency for International Business Development
10, Avenue d’Iéna
75116 Paris
Tel: 011-331-40-73-30-00
Fax: 011-331-40-73-39-79

Useful Job Listing Sites:

Great option for bilingual French options
Smart job search dashboard/fresh ideas for resumes.
Listings of positions.
Huge listings of positions, mainly experienced.
Specializing in opportunities in the Northeast.
International employment resources.
Compare living costs in different cities.
Salary surveys in different industries.
A great source to find recruiters, workshops and career assessment.
Resources for relocating.
Search engine with over 170,000 job offers from 220 websites. 
Search engine with job offers in many cities and fields.


Americans Seeking Employment in France/Europe:


FACC-NY for visa guidance for internships in France -- visa advice only, you must find the internship on your own.

France-USA Contacts

French Consulate in Washington, DC for visa requirements.


International Herald Tribune


Teaching English in France

Transitions Abroad


Live Career Offers Guidance Building a French CV.

The Expat's Guide to Finding a Job in the U.S.

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