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Interns/VIE/J-1 Visa Program

The FACC Philadelphia Chapter partners with the FACC New York Chapter which is accredited as the official J-1 Visa Sponsor for the entire FACC Network.


FACC Philadelphia Corporate Member companies interested in hosting one or more foreign J-1 Visa candidates as a trainee, intern or VIE, may contact the FACC New York Chapter’s International Career Development Program (ICDP) Team who will assist you in the process.


For more information about hosting a J-1 Visa candidate at your company, please visit FACC New York’s website at:


If your company is not yet an FACC Philadelphia Corporate Member, please JOIN NOW!


Companies located in Pennsylvania, Southern New Jersey (Princeton and South) and Delaware are required to join the FACC Philadelphia Chapter at the appropriate level based upon the number of employees the company has in the U.S. in order to utilize the ICDP sponsoring services of the FACC New York Chapter.


Should you have any questions, please contact us at or contact, providing your phone number and  indicating that your are an FACC Philadelphia Corporate Member or are prepared to join the FACC Philadelphia Chapter to start the J-1 Visa application process and maintain this membership in good standing throughout the duration of the candidate’s stay in the U.S.

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