French Philadelphia Lifestyle Guide

Your Online Resource for French-American Retail Business, Education, and Culture in the Region

Debuts at the 11/19 Savor Festival in Time for Holiday Shopping!

Please consider supporting these businesses and nonprofit organizations during this difficult time.


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French Philadelphia Lifestyle Guide

Your free online resource for French-American
Retail Business, Education, and Culture in the Region.

Welcome to the debut issue of the French Philadelphia Lifestyle Guide, your connection to French, American, and international retail business, education and culture, located in Pennsylvania, Delaware, and Southern New Jersey.

We urge you to support the businesses and nonprofits that bring cross-cultural diversity and international flair to our region!

Craving a croissant or an espresso, seeking a fine wine and dessert to WOW your dinner guests, searching for a thoughtful gift for a dear friend, or need a staycation weekend at a local French hotel where you can dream about France and visit museums with French art?  You will find it here!

The listings in this guide are free to local businesses, so please contact us if you would like to be included. If you are able to sponsor an announcement in support of the FACC, please see details in the box below and contact

The FACC Philadelphia Team

French-American Chamber of Commerce     215-716-1996   

Info is subject to change. Please verify location is open before visiting.


French Philadelphia
Lifestyle Guide

A free online resource for French-American retail business, education, and culture in the region.

The listings in this guide are free to local businesses,
so please contact us if you would like to be included.

To sponsor an announcement in support of the FACC,
please contact:  or 215-716-1996.



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