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Wednesday, January 19th, 2022

2022 H-1B Lottery: The New Normal

On top of a pandemic, the H-1B program has gone through intense change over the last 3 years. Klasko attorneys Bill StockMichele Madera, and Nigel James looked back at the 2021 Cap Season for lessons learned to help companies plan for the upcoming 2022 H-1B lottery, as well as provided updates on regulations and litigation outcomes.

The Klasko employment-based immigration attorneys covered the lottery registration process, lessons from 2021, what employers need to do to prepare now, and strategic advice for success based on the latest program updates.

Screen Shot 2022-01-10 at 1.45.44 PM.png

Tuesday, January 25th, 2022
How to Market Your Products Internationally through Amazon

The World Trade Center of Delaware gave a seminar on how you can take advantage of Amazon’s international marketing capabilities to grow your business. They covered all types of products, both consumer and industrial, that are sold through Amazon. 

Jimmy Avendano covered:

  • -Brief history of Amazon; highlighting that New Castle, DE hosted one of the first two distribution centers launched by Amazon in 1997;

  • -Fulfilment Center MTN1 and its positive impact for the Wilmington, DE area;

  • -Amazon Business (marketplace available just for businesses);

  • -Leveraging Amazon Marketplace and the Port of Wilmington, DE to serve international customers. 


Tuesday, January 25th, 2022

New Utopias: Can We Heal the Wounds of the Past?

Recent debates over racism and inequality highlight the enduring impact of past wrongs and historical injustices on social relations today. A renewed focus on systemic racism reveals the degree to which the legacy of prejudice and discrimination continues to shape political institutions and power relations today. What are the long-term effects of racism on human behavior and social structures? How can the trauma of discrimination be overcome? How can societies rebuild trust with communities that have suffered and continue to suffer egregious injustices?

In order to address these questions, the Columbia Global Centers | Paris, the European Institute, and the Alliance Program, brought together an international panel of experts to propose diverse perspectives on these issues.

Moderator: Mirna Safi, Professor of Sociology, Sciences Po


  • Soulaymane Bachir Diagne, Professor of French and Philosophy, Columbia University

  • Sarah Gensburger, Research Professor in Political Science and History, CNRS

  • Courtney Cogburn, Associate Professor of Social Work, Columbia University

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