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Past Event: 1/30/2024

FACC NY Presents: Host Company Roundtable


Tuesday, January 30th, 2024

12:00 PM - 1:30 PM

Free Webinar Presented by

The FACC New York Chapter

For Host Companies of J-1 Visa Exchange Visitors and

Those Companies That Were Planning to Host Soon.

The Inaugural Host Company Roundtable Webinar 

of the FACC New York!

This exclusive virtual event brought together a diverse array of host companies in the U.S. to share insights and strategies regarding the J-1 visa exchange visitor program.

The webinar facilitated a platform where host companies learned invaluable tips and best practices related to training, recruitment, financial support, and more for their J-1 visa visitors.

Seasoned HR & Mobility peers from FACC Philadelphia Corporate Member Host Companies Air Liquide and Saint Gobain presented their best practices and answered questions on key themes:

  • Recruiting International Talent for the J-1 Program

  • Providing Professional & Personal Support to J-1 Visa Visitors

  • Enhanced Training & Compensation for J-1 Visa Visitors

  • Thriving in the American Business Landscape: Integration of J-1 Visa Visitors in the Office Environment.


Moreover, the FACC New York was thrilled to introduce a Host Company Mentorship program for participating companies seeking extra J-1 visitor support. They will connect you with a seasoned mentor company that has a strong track record of successful and long-lasting hosting experiences with J-1 visa holders upon request.

Following the presentations, plenty of time was available for companies to engage in a Q&A with other host companies.

The FACC New York invited us to be part of this enriching dialogue to create a host company community. This roundtable was dedicated to sharing insights and innovative ideas aimed at enhancing the J-1 experience with your company.  

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