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Past Event:  10/15/2020
The Blurred Lines of the Pandemic & Risky Business Practices 


Thursday, October 15th, 2020
11:00 am - 12:00 pm EDT

Via Zoom

In partnership with the BABC

While hindsight may be 20/20, no one could have envisioned the way the year 2020 would unfold.  There is no playbook and we are learning as we go.  Is your work from home environment secure?  Do you and your company have the right privacy practices in place?  Our 2020 vision is clouded by the multitude of crises we face in our daily lives.  Individuals, businesses, the country and the world are all impacted by the pandemic.  The number of people engaged in remote, online activity across the globe has blurred the once clearer delineation of professional and personal lives.  Myriad security issues around data privacy and protection arise with the use of personal computers in a corporate environment.  Public and private institutions are struggling to mitigate risk, and security and privacy are top priorities. What protocols, controls and processes are in place and evolving as a result of our new reality throughout the US and the world to protect and maintain the integrity of corporate data and business practices?

Larry J. Hershman, Partner, Black Cipher Security, LLC  and Chris Shull, CISO & DPO Consultant, Black Cipher Security, LLC discussed the novel issues with the home office, and the struggles companies face as they identify the increased need for new protective measures to secure business strategies, protect data, and manage people and processes in this new and rapidly changing environment. 


Howard M. Silverstone, MBE, CPA, CFF, FCA, CFE, Director, Forensic Resolutions, Inc. and prior President and current Membership Chairman, British American Business Council of Greater Philadelphia moderated the presentation.




















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