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Turbocharge Your Career
With Yves-Pascal Pelcener, Executive & Team Coach


Feeling stuck? Learn how to accelerate your next career move!
learn key insights and lessons to start moving to the next level of your career.
Get your 
questions answered! 

Who should attend?

Aspiring, First-time, or Experienced Managers; Individual Contributors in Transition, Leaders, and Entrepreneurs


If you want to:

- Get promoted to move to the next level

- Find an environment where you will thrive before exiting your current position

- Transition from the corporate world to entrepreneur

- Reinvent your career


You will learn what to do and the mistakes to avoid to accelerate your career. 

Meet Our Speaker:

Yves-Pascal Pelcener, Founder of Executive Transform International, is a Senior Executive and Team Coach with more than 2500 hours of coaching practice. He has transitioned from over two decades as a proven finance industry leader and entrepreneur with a strong record in human resources and fund management. 


Having resided in France, Australia and Singapore, Yves-Pascal has partnered with hundreds of clients, representing more than 40 nationalities, working in diverse industries, such as Aerospace, Banking, Defense & Security, Financial Services, Food & Beverage, Healthcare, High-tech (Hardware/Software/Services), Insurance, Manufacturing, Media, Oil & Gas, Retail, and Transport.

Yves-Pascal’s principal clients are Senior Executives who want to improve their performance and that of their team and organization to achieve breakthrough results.  He partners with them to accelerate their transition into a new role or when on boarding to a new company. He works with them to effectively deal with their demanding positions, clarify their strategic challenges, and expand their leadership presence, skills, and impact.


For more information about Yves-Pascal Pelcener, visit:

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