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Past Event:  10/26/2023
Mind the Gap: Bridging Franco-American Cultural Differences at Work

The FACC Philadelphia

proudly presents

Thursday, October 26th, 2023

12:00 PM - 1:00 PM EDT

Noon Zoom Webinar


This interactive webinar was illuminating for executives, HR Directors and their team, managers, and

anyone working with a mix of French and American employees.

Despite the long-standing friendship between the U.S. and France, the cultural gaps between French and Americans are as different as Coca-Cola and a fine Bordeaux. In today’s fast-paced global environment, increasing understanding of the impact culture has on communication and work practices is the key to driving harmonious working relationships between the two cultures.

This interactive presentation highlighted some of the historical and cultural factors that have shaped the beliefs and values in each country and how they impact behaviors at work. Participants gained new insights into the main barriers that impede communication and collaboration and learned tips to optimize engagement with their French or American colleagues and clients.

Meet Our Presenter

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Julia Gaspar-Bates, M.A., is President of Intercultural Alliances, LLC ( a cross-cultural training and consulting firm based in Washington DC. A British-American, Julia started her career in Paris, where she lived and worked for nearly eight years. She has trained thousands of leaders and teams on five continents to help them increase their intercultural sensitivity, knowledge and skills to successfully navigate the complexities and opportunities of working across cultural and geographic borders.


Julia is currently co-writing a book with a colleague in Paris on cultural differences between the French and Americans at work, a journey that has only deepened her awareness of the cultural differences between the two countries and how to best resolve them.


Julia holds a Master’s of Arts in Intercultural Relations and spent 10 years teaching at George Washington University.

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