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Past Event:  5/7/2020

GB Collects:

Smart Steps for a Healthy A/R During COVID-19

GB Collects Webinar.png

Thursday, May 7th, 2020

2:00 pm - 2:30 pm

Complimentary Webinar

The unprecedented events associated with the COVID 19 Pandemic have caused human tragedy on a world-wide scale.

The economic impact is also significant and may be felt long after the illness has faded. How do companies prepare for and address the recessionary impact of COVID 19? 

A healthy balance sheet is contingent upon a healthy accounts receivable portfolio. 


Receivable experts Nash Rotter and Jon Dame illustrated how to keep your firm’s finances in good condition during these difficult times.


Putting the Cash Back into Your Flow!


Persuading delinquent customers to pay their bills is a challenge for many companies.

GB Collects has succeeded in third party collections for 20 years. Our highly trained staff creates a sense of urgency to make sure delinquent customers hand over your money fast. With help from our professionals, your company will be impressed by our high net-back and fast recovery rate.


GB Collects is an industry leader in third party collections, litigation management, commercial property and casualty insurance recoveries, and much more.


About GB Collects: 

GB Collects is a professional, commercial debt recovery agency specializing in all aspects of accounts receivable management. Our firm is a fully licensed, insured and transparent extension of our clients’ internal credit departments. Since our inception in 2001, GBC has helped resolve problematic disputes and reduced delinquencies in all facets of collections in a wide variety of industries. Our skilled collection analysts have voted GB Collects a best place to work in collections for 6 consecutive years. A six time INC 5000 Winner, our growth is produced by satisfied clients worldwide using our services year after year. 


For more information about GB Collects, please visit

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