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Meet the Biotech Execs

How Two Philadelphia Entrepreneurs
Chose to Grow their Businesses and Go Global 


Thursday, September 26th, 2019

6:00 pm - 8:00 pm


Hosted by

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2000 Market Street, 20th Floor

Philadelphia, PA 19103

Members and guests met Andrew Cottone, President, Adesis Inc. / A Universal Display Company; and Nicholas Siciliano, CEO, Invisible Sentinel / bioMérieux; two Philadelphia entrepreneurs, who pursued Ph.D.'s in chemical engineering, went on to start innovative companies, and grow their business globally via different strategies.

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Nicholas Siciliano, Ph.D.

CEO, Invisible Sentinel

A bioMérieux Company


Meet the Speakers


Andrew Cottone, Ph.D.

President, Adesis Inc.

A Universal Display Company

Andrew Cottone, Ph.D. is the President of Adesis, a position he has held since 2016, when the Company became a wholly-owned subsidiary of Universal Display Corporation (Nasdaq: OLED). Andrew joined CB Research and Development (the predecessor of Adesis) in 2001 and co-founded Adesis in 2005. Trained as an organometallic and process chemist, Andrew’s breadth and depth of experience encompasses 5 years of industrial experience as a process chemist, ten years as a technical manager, twelve years as an entrepreneur/business founder, and fifteen years as a business executive. As a research manager, he has been responsible for as many as 40 chemists with expertise in physical chemistry, organometallic chemistry, analytical chemistry, and organic chemistry. As a business executive/owner, Andrew has charted and steered the vision and growth of Adesis over the past 15 years and is responsible for greater than 100 Adesis employees across multiple sites.

Andrew graduated from La Salle University (Philadelphia, PA) in 1996 with a dual-bachelor’s degree in chemistry and biochemistry and received his Ph.D. in organometallic chemistry in 2000 from the University of Florida under the joint mentorship of Professors Dr. Russell S. Drago and Michael J. Scott. His doctoral research experience of substrate-metal complex interactions has provided insights into new reactions for preparative scale functionalization of azoles. Andrew completed a post-doctoral position under Dr. Charles Riordan at the University of Delaware, and then embarked on a dual science and business career under the mentorship of Drs. Charles Beard and Ving J. Lee. His personal passions include family, process chemistry, and all things Philadelphia.

About Adesis, Inc.

Adesis, Inc. is a contract research organization (CRO) supporting the pharmaceutical and biopharmaceutical industry, biomaterials, and catalysts industry. It specializes in organic and organometallic synthesis, in milligrams to multi-kilogram quantities. Adesis has a business model of providing clients with organic chemistry services in three areas: early stage research, scale up and development, and specialty manufacturing. They have been successful for over 20 years by taking a different approach than other CRO’s. Their leadership team of scientists implemented a simple approach: hire talented chemists with exceptional work ethics, integrity, versatility, and a commitment to deliver the project/material to the client.  For the latest updates, check out the website at

About Universal Display Company

Universal Display Corporation is a leader in the research, development and commercialization of organic light emitting diode (OLED) technologies and materials for use in display and solid-state lighting applications. Founded in 1994, the Company currently owns, exclusively licenses or has the sole right to sublicense more than 5,000 patents issued and pending worldwide. Universal Display licenses its proprietary technologies, including its breakthrough high-efficiency UniversalPHOLED® phosphorescent OLED technology that can enable the development of low power and eco-friendly displays and solid-state lighting. The Company also develops and offers high-quality, state-of-the-art UniversalPHOLED materials that are recognized as key ingredients in the fabrication of OLEDs with peak performance. In addition, Universal Display delivers innovative and customized solutions to its clients and partners through technology transfer, collaborative technology development and on-site training.

Headquartered in Ewing, New Jersey, with international offices in China, Hong Kong, Ireland, Japan, South Korea and Taiwan, and wholly-owned subsidiary Adesis, Inc. based in New Castle, Delaware, Universal Display works and partners with a network of world-class organizations. To learn more about Universal Display Corporation, please visit

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Dr. Siciliano co-founded Invisible Sentinel in 2006 and was the lead inventor of the Company’s Veriflow technology. In his role as CEO, he sets corporate strategy, including sales and marketing initiatives and the identification of strategic partnerships. He also leads the R&D team, drawing on his more than 15 years of experience in microbiology, immunology, and assay development. He earned a B.S. in Chemistry from Villanova University and a Ph.D. in Immunology & Microbial Pathogenesis from Thomas Jefferson University.


Formerly, Nick was a biomedical researcher in bacterial and viral pathogenesis, immunology, microbiology, and oncology, as well as a developer of antibody-based assays and consultant on projects in bacteriology, immunology, and antibody design. He has received several awards including Honoree on the annual “40 under 40” list compiled by the Philadelphia Business Journal to recognize outstanding entrepreneurs and business leaders. He was also a recipient of the 2015 Marcum/Smart CEO Innovator of the Year.

About Invisible Sentinel 

Invisible Sentinel is dedicated to providing first-in-class DNA detection tools. The company’s platform technology, Veriflow®, is an innovative, game-changing DNA Signature Capturing Technology making rapid molecular detection more accessible and easier to use, with exceptional accuracy and specificity. Their focus on innovation, and commitment to providing leading edge solutions to customers, led to the development of their newest platform, Veripro®. Veripro incorporates key elements from their core system and is compatible with RT-PCR systems to empower multiplexed assays and high throughput analyses, meeting the needs of our evolving customer base.

The team at Invisible Sentinel prides itself on being innovators and problem solvers first and foremost. They set out to create the most robust and accessible microbial detection platform for industrial applications. They have tackled the barriers that exist with traditional platforms and developed a solution from the bottom-up to make rapid detection of pathogens and spoilage organisms more accurate, more reliable, and easier to use. They have created a detection technology that can handle the complexities of challenging matrices, and deliver specific, actionable, and accurate results every time.  For more information, please visit

About bioMérieux

A world leader in the field of in vitro diagnostics for over 55 years, bioMérieux is present in 43 countries and serves more than 160 countries with the support of a large network of distributors. In 2018, revenues reached €2.4 billion, with over 90% of international sales. bioMérieux is listed on the NYSE Euronext Paris market (Symbol: BIM – ISIN: FR0013280286).

bioMérieux provides diagnostic solutions (systems, reagents, software, services) which determine the source of disease and contamination to improve patient health and ensure consumer safety. Its products are mainly used for diagnosing infectious diseases. They are also used for detecting microorganisms in agri-food, pharmaceutical and cosmetic products.

Get the latest updates about bioMérieux at

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