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David Briel

David Briel
Executive Director
International Business Development
Pennsylvania Dept.
 of Community and Economic Development (DCED)



David Briel has served as the Deputy Secretary for the Office of International Business Development at the Pennsylvania Department of Community & Economic Development since December 2020.  Before his current role, he was the Executive Director since 2007.

He oversees a team of five development specialists in Harrisburg and a network of twelve overseas authorized representatives, whose mission is to attract foreign direct investment to Pennsylvania and create employment for Commonwealth residents.  Since 2007, this network has created and retained more than 3,500 jobs and attracted more than $500 million of capital investment.  

Before working for the Commonwealth, David worked for six years in Japan for ITOCHU, a large Japanese trading firm, and the Japanese Ministry of Education.  After returning to the U.S., he worked with the Japanese Ministry of Foreign Affairs at the Embassy in Washington working with US businesses expanding into the Japanese market.  David has passed the top level of the Japanese language proficiency examination. 

In addition to serving on the Board of the French-American Chamber of Commerce, David is the volunteer treasurer for the Catholic Worker House in Harrisburg and  serves on the board of the Japan America Society of Greater Philadelphia.  David has also volunteered in Haiti and helped raise money for Fonkoze, a Haitian microfinance fund.

About the Pennsylvania Department of Community & Economic Development

Today, more than 5,400 foreign-owned firms employing over 354,000 workers have business operations in Pennsylvania. Countries leading in foreign investment include the United Kingdom, Germany, Canada, France, Japan, Switzerland and Ireland. We also have a growing number of Brazilian, Korean, Israeli, and Chinese firms here. It’s a list that’s growing — and for good reason!

Top Industries for Foreign Direct Investment into Pennsylvania (PA):

  • Life Sciences

  • Industrial

  • Plastics

  • Electronics, Technology, Innovation,

  • Food, Beverage Processing

Key Facts about Pennsylvania (PA) as of 2021:

  • Ranks 3rd in the Northeast US for Foreign Direct Investment

  • Ranks in the top 15 states for attracting company headquarters

  • The State's economy rivals many countries with GDP of $818 billion,

  • The State with the Most Diverse Business Portfolio named by Bloomberg


The Pennsylvania Office of International Business Development offers customized services to help international companies looking to locate or expand in our state. Our global investment representatives are business advocates and liaisons between potential foreign investors and federal, state, and local governments in Pennsylvania. Connecting you with PA companies to create mutually beneficial partnerships while eliminating barriers so you can invest, expand, and operate your business with ease in Pennsylvania.

  •  Helping you set up a U.S. business entity

  •  Identifying and visiting business sites

  •  In-depth research on available workforce, infrastructure, taxes, and more

  •  Introductions to regional and local economic development partners and elected officials

  •  Customized financial assistance, including grants, low-interest loans, tax credits, bond financing, and job training

For more information, please visit:

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