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Photos from Past Event: 1/29/2020

Revolutionary Women

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Recap: 1/29/2020 Revolutionary Women 


On Wednesday, January 29, 2020, the FACC partnered with the BABCPHL for a panel of Philadelphia’s leading female C-suite executives from global multinational companies across industry sectors.  Presenters discussed their paths to success, how they overcame challenges, and their positive advocacy and influence on gender diversity and inclusion. 

Throughout the history of the United States, dating back to the birth of our Nation, women have played an invaluable role.  The Museum of the American Revolution – our host for the evening – is opening a special exhibition entitled: When Women Lost the Right to Vote: A Revolutionary Story, 1776-1807, on August 22, 2020, four days before the 100th anniversary of the Nineteenth Amendment to the US Constitution.  It is an ideal time for a forum about leading women executives, spearheading international enterprise and business development.

Our six extraordinary speakers are truly revolutionary women.  Debbie Epstein Henry, Founder of DEH Consulting, Speaking, Writing; Co-Founder of Bliss Lawyers; and Vice President and Board Member of The Forum of Executive Women, moderated the panel.  Presenters: Vanessa Z. Chan, Ph.D., Brassington Professor of Practice at Penn Engineering, Board Member, and Angel Investor; Julie Coker, former President & CEO, Philadelphia Convention & Visitors Bureau, who recently resigned to fill a new position in San Diego; Deborah Driscoll, MD, Senior Vice President, Clinical Practices of the University of Pennsylvania, Vice Dean for Professional Services, Perelman School of Medicine, and Luigi Mastroianni, Jr. Professor of Obstetrics and Gynecology; Bethany Edwards, Co-Founder & CEO, LIA Diagnostics; and Jami Wintz McKeon, Partner and Chair, Morgan, Lewis & Bockius LLP, are distinguished leaders in their fields.  The illustrious panel had excellent rapport and spoke candidly to the audience, about the waves of change they are advocating, and the exciting paths they are blazing.  Attendees received invaluable words of wisdom and advice from the diverse group of presenters, each with a unique background and industry focus.

There were many topics on the agenda, and the moderator expertly guided panelists from one theme to the next, ensuring each speaker was able to present their ideas and impart their wisdom.  The audience was absolutely captivated by the conversation.  Aside from the periodic chuckle or gasp in response to a humorous or shocking anecdote relayed by one of the panelists, all eyes and ears were on the panel throughout the entire forum.  Subjects covered each individuals’ inspiring story and their rise to the top; change makers throughout their careers; the importance of knowing your audience, and developing allies; paradigms for leadership and power; and parting messages for the audience.  The event included a dynamic question and answer session with the last query presented by a male attendee – “what can we (men) do better to support and encourage women to rise to the top?”

This recap does this outstanding event little justice.  If you were among the 200 or so attendees, you know just how inspiring this program was.  Special thanks to Debbie for leading a seamless and captivating discussion, and to speakers: Vanessa, Julie, Debbie, Bethany and Jami for sharing their motivating stories and imparting their wisdom to a room full of international business professionals at various career levels and students from a variety of backgrounds.

We are truly grateful to the Museum for welcoming our group, the British American Business Council for taking the lead to organize this spectacular program, and to our event partners, the: Asian, Chilean, Eurasian, and Swedish Chambers, and Select Greater Philadelphia.  The BABCPHL would like recognize and thank headline sponsors: The Forum of Executive Women; HSBC Bank USA, N.A.; Morgan, Lewis & Bockius LLP; and Penn Medicine.

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