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Pierre-Olivier Lugez


Pierre-Olivier Lugez
Senior Director
International Business & Global Strategy
Department of Commerce
City of Philadelphia


As the Senior Director for International Business & Global Strategy, Pierre-Olivier leads initiatives to promote Philadelphia as a world-class business destination and hub, and is in charge of the City’s global strategy to grow its international business footprint and connections. Leveraging 10 years of experience in the private sector advising global companies for their commercial strategies, and with a focus on global business attraction, foreign direct investment, and promoting exports, his work creates jobs and strengthens the local economy. He plays the leading role in crafting the global strategy for Philadelphia and hosts delegations, diplomats, businesses, and investors from abroad, and represents the City of Philadelphia worldwide.  

Education: Paris Bar School,​ Université Paris Cité

About the Department of Commerce:

The Department of Commerce works with organizations, large and small, to make the city an attractive place to do business. Our department offers support through:

  • Access to financing and improvement programs.

  • Assistance from location-based business service managers.

  • Projects that make the city’s commercial corridors clean, safe, and well-lit.

  • Efforts to ensure that minority, women, and disabled-owned businesses can succeed.

  • Resources for companies—local, national, and international—to launch and grow in Philadelphia.

  • A workforce development plan to prepare residents for careers in family-sustaining jobs.

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